Hi! Welcome to my website! I’m Joey Meyer. I’m a freelancer highly skilled in 3D / Web / Graphic Design + Photo & Video Editing. “HandBallCourts” is my trademark name I established online since 2006 creating my first YouTube account, at the time being interested in paddleball handball. I kept signing up with “HandBallCourts” and the name has sparked with me ever since.

My main interests are technology, electronics, movies and music. I am also very handy and knowledgeable about landscaping and masonry. I have a pretty extensive Apple collection consisting of most laptops, software, accessories, cables, pins and stickers Apple has ever made. I have my collection inventoried on my “RetroMacCast” profile. I am the 156th member to join back in May 9th 2008.

I am providing to you *HBC Services* offering a wide variety of my five star rated freelancing services through Fiverr®. All Gigs® are starting at $5.00. I focus on one project, one client at a time, so you can be assured your getting “quality results with the finest of details in your project with no imperfections at an affordable price”. All websites and social network services I am a part of are posted under *Connect With Me*. If you have any questions or would like to chat feel free to send me a message on Facebook or email me at [email protected]. I take pride in my responsive website created and maintained with WordPress on my MacBook Pro. Thanks for checking it out and have a great day / night.

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